Michael Rotondo, chef


Michael Rotondo, just 16 years old, in conjunction with studies at the IPSSAR a. Perotti in Bari, he started to attend the prestigious kitchens Golf Hotel Riva dei Tessali, near Castellaneta (TA), spending a long period of training with the master of Mino kitchen Maggi.  Graduating high school, he moved to Northern Italy, in the begamasco and Lake Garda, continuing its ranks at prestigious restaurants along with his second master s. Cerea.
At 22 years arrives at the Four Seasons Hotel Milan with the big boss Sergio Mei chiefs, where he was immediately entrusted with the game at the Ristorante Il Teatro, and from which, after seven years, will be retiring from Sous Chef and Head of the same restaurant. During the period spent in Milan, thanks to the grand master Mei, the younger Michele enjoy rich experiences in Italy, France and Spain.
In 29 years, takes over the reins of the restaurant Masseria Petrino, already owned by the family of his wife, Rosa, and working with undoubted dedication in the name of good food, clearly contributes to making the Petrine Farm one of the best restaurants in Puglia;  Award-winning restaurant and recognized by all gastronomic guides.


In the beautiful Puglia, sun-kissed land and mitigated by the sea, in the land of vibrant colours and bold, in the land of olive trees and millstones,
the Hill of agro between Palagianello and Mottola, was built in the late 1800s, the beautiful Masseria Petrino.
In very recent times, after a careful renovation and restoration work, la masseria is transformed into a cosy restaurant by Interior-stone vaults — which serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine, revisited in modern style, and a pizzeria with wood-fired oven where they bake pizzas with minced meat in stone.
Two internal salette very confidential and are ideal for intimate dinners and small receptions. la veranda, bright and overlooking the Central Garden, offers itself as a solution to small and large receptions.  the patio becomes a very impressive place on warm summer evenings because you can dine under the stars, accompanied by a drink and background music, in the company of friends and be pampered by the mild South-West wind that whispers at sunset.

The serenity, the pleasure of being at the table, friendliness and good food are the specialties of Masseria Petrino.

It is also offering the option of chefs at home.  Masseria Petrino is designed and equipped for banqueting and catering.

The kitchen

The restaurant proposes a cuisine that is expressed in a contemporary style using the excellence of the raw materials, simple dishes to light perception manipulation of ingredients that are purchased on a daily basis by a very small producer chain kmO.
A cuisine that has its roots in the most straightforward and true traditions of the territory, which reveals the origins of the Mediterranean but not waiver of experimentation and research.
His are creations which rediscover the ingredients of the preparations "at home" but that are also a feast for the senses.  Beautiful dishes that exude scents and aromas and surprise with their flavor.
Sea and land, fortunately, they still offer fresh fish and tasty meat, vegetables and tasty vegetables, wines of excellence and extra virgin olive oils which enhance even the simplest of dishes.

But ... not just the kitchen

The love for the land allows us to cultivate citrus fruits, small vegetables and olive trees from which are produced by citrus preserves, canned in olive oil , artichoke and turnip greens ... a great extra virgin olive oil.  In addition, to enclose the perfume of the sea, small canned anchovies, alalunghe and mackerel in olive oil

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